5Dimes Casino Review – Is 5 Dimes a Safe Betting Site?

5Dimes Casino Review – Is 5 Dimes a Safe Betting Site?

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Once you cross this threshold, every additional game that you get right results in higher payouts. A multichance teaser is similar to a progressive teaser except that you receive the same payout regardless of how many wins over the threshold you are.

As we mentioned with multichance parlays, there are great for entertainment value as your teaser is not dead if you lose a game.

A pleaser bet is a collection of football and or basketball side straight bets that are combined into one bet. Pleaser bets are the exact opposite of teaser bets.

Instead of the lines all moving in your favor, they all move against your favor. This might not sound ideal, but the payouts are great if you happen to score one of these bets.

For example, if you bet a 3 teamer and one game is a tie, you would then effectively have a 2 teamer. If your two teamer has a tie and a win, then it pays even money at 5Dimes.

Progressive Pleasers are very similar to regular Pleasers except that there are consolation payouts if you don't win every game on your ticket.

Multichance pleasers are similar to progressive pleasers except that you are going to be paid the same amount no matter how many wins over the bottom threshold you are.

If you're looking to have complete options of any kind of bet possible, 5Dimes is the place for you.

They offer the following less popular, but still lucrative bets: You've also heard us mention a few times the reduced juice bets.

These are bets that the sportsbook decides to offer reduced casino fees on. This means that you can bet for cheaper and win more when you win your bets.

The good news too is that these are not just available on the obscure or less popular sports. These reduced juice bets are offered on the most popular and biggest sporting events regularly.

If you are looking for the in-game betting, click on live betting extra after you create your 5Dimes account. You will see a myriad of options for in-game wagering.

The in-game wagering is broken up into three different programs that can be a bit confusing at first glance. To be honest, they were still a bit confusing after several glances, but they still look pretty cool.

If you've ever bet in-game before, this is probably the option that you are going to be most accustomed to.

From our understanding, this is a simplified form of in-game betting with only the most basic bets available. This is perfect for beginners and first timers or people who just like simplicity.

This is the upgraded version of the standard live in-game wagering offered at 5Dimes. The Live Betting Ultra system also comes with a rebate program.

This looks like one of the reward programs that you need to opt into. Before starting with Live Betting Ultra, check with support and see if you automatically receive this rebate or if you need to opt into it.

Players in the US and Canada will receive a 2. This is sometimes referred to as Rakeback. If you happen to push on your wager, you will not qualify for this rebate on that bet.

This form of in-game betting seems rather similar to the first two except that it boasts a mobile friendly platform. This is perfect for players who like to bet, but might be out at a sports bar, friend's house, or at the game.

The user-friendly interface makes betting easy regardless of the type of device you happen to be on. This is the first step in improving the outdated user interface on 5Dimes.

This new interface is more user-friendly and allows you to monitor your picks incredibly easily. The interface is great if you have many bets going as you're able to filter your bets easily and all of your lines will automatically refresh instantly.

This can be accessed from the drop-down at the top left of your 5Dimes Sportsbook account. For those players electing to use the standard internet account, here are the minimum deposit and bet amounts.

For those players electing to use the phone to place their wagers, here are the minimum deposit and bet amounts. Phone accounts are able to be accessed 24 hours a day.

This means you can place wagers directly from your phone without even having an internet connection. The casino experience at 5Dimes is extremely fun and offers tons of gaming options.

You are bound to find your favorite game or brand new games to play. Here's a complete list of all of the games currently offered at all four casinos.

Remember, 5Dimes is always adding to this list so check back if you don't see your favorite game. Chances are, though, they already have your favorite.

The mini games section of the 5Dimes Sportsbook and Casino is just a fancy name for their mobile friendly games.

While many of the games are mobile-friendly, this section is a separate collection of games made specifically for mobile devices.

If you want to play these games on your computer, you are more than welcome to as functionality exists. Game selections include blackjack variations, video poker variations, baccarat, solitaire, roulette variations, and many slot game choices.

Live dealer games give players the option of sitting and playing at a real live table with a real live dealer from the comfort of their own homes.

Players get to experience all the perks of being in a live casino while still enjoying the comfort and convenience of not having to leave their own home.

Players do not have to get any additional software other than a computer and an internet connection. The website uses special Technologies and video streaming to deliver you a lifelike experience from the comfort of your chair at home.

Players have the option of picking from several different dealers to find their favorite. The dealers are not prerecorded or CGI graphics.

They are real live dealers who are interacting with you and talking to you at the table. Some of the games also offer small technological enhancements to make your gaming experience better.

For example, the blackjack tables allow you to select auto hit on 8 or lower and auto stay on 18 or higher.

You are not required to check these boxes, but you are more than welcome to if you'd like to play a little quicker.

Probably the easiest and most used deposit method is the use of a major credit card. If you have any further issues depositing, there's a convenient live chat button located on every deposit page to help out.

This is a nice change-of-pace from other sites where you have to hunt for the customer service information when you are having trouble with the deposit methods.

The casino also has a dedicated live helpline for you to call if you are having any issues or want some help in selecting the best withdrawal option.

All withdrawals from 5Dimes are processed through third-party processing companies. This is fairly standard across all sites in the industry.

One thing that may confuse you initially if you go to the withdrawal page of the website is the section that says time frames.

Initially, you might think that this means you are required to submit your withdrawal during the posted time frames. Thankfully, this is not the case.

They are simply letting you know on what days and at what time's the staff will process all current withdrawals.

Honestly, we are not really sure why they posted this information, so you are better off just ignoring it if you don't want to confuse yourself.

According to the website, all withdrawals are processed within 24 hours after staff receives it this is the posted times we were talking about.

If you are attempting to withdraw after depositing with a credit card, 5Dimes will require a little bit of extra information to verify your identity.

While this may cause a slight delay, it is there to protect the players. We recommend taking care of this verification immediately after signing up for the website.

That way when you want to withdraw your winnings, you can get your money with no delays. Here is the complete list of withdrawal options as well as the associated fees if it is your second withdrawal of the month.

Customer service for 5Dimes crushes other operations regarding accessibility. The site offers email support, live chat support, and direct 1 phone numbers to get instant help from staff.

Email support is available if this is your preferred method to speak with customer service. This is by far the slowest of the three methods, so we recommend using one of the other two to get help on your issues.

This method should really only be used if there happens to be an issue with the other two which is unlikely. The live chat support is available from most pages on the website.

The times that we tested this method, we were speaking to an actual human being within a matter of seconds. We can't speak for exactly how helpful the staff will be with your issue because we did not test them with game specific requests.

We did reach out to try and receive a list of countries they serviced to be used for this review. Unfortunate the staff was not very helpful.

When reviewing this site, this was one of the coolest features we thought they offered. When accessing the site, we found nine separate customer service in wagering helplines.

Each of the lines is dedicated to something specific which probably means you will get an agent that knows what you are talking about.

If you are new to the site, we recommend giving it a shot on your own first. Even though the interface is not incredible, it is very user-friendly and easy-to-navigate.

One of the other cool phone functions offered is the ability to place sports and horse wagers by phone. This will allow you to bet on your favorite games and races no matter where you are.

The user interface is great in some areas and poor in other areas of the 5Dimes Sportsbook and Casino. Let's start with the good.

All of the actual gameplay interfaces are great. When you play the table games and the slot machines, the interfaces look high quality and provide a great experience for the players.

This is probably the most important part of the interface. If the graphics were to make it no fun to play, what would be the point?

Where the user interface lacks is with the lobbies and the actual website. Basically, everywhere that you have to navigate before you get to your actual game looks a bit outdated.

The upside to their outdated interface is that it is still easy to navigate and you are able to find your way around easily.

The best analogy that we can give is an older hotel that has recently had its rooms renovated. The hallways of the hotel might not look the greatest, but they are well-marked because of the renovations so you can find your way around extremely easily.

When you get to your actual room, it is incredible. It has all of the amenities and upgrades that you could want. The hotel may need to upgrade its hallways, but it is doing a great job delivering on its core services.

The lobbies and information web pages might not be the prettiest, but they are easy to navigate and easy to find the information you're looking for.

The actual gaming experiences are top-notch, and the graphics and interfaces are cutting edge. One other thing that we were not huge fans of was that when you create a new account, you are automatically assigned a username.

This username isn't something easy to remember like Luckman85 or anything like that. It's more like 5dh28hh or something like that.

Frankly, this is a little annoying even though it seems to auto-save it for you on your computer. If you happen to want to bet from a different device, it will be an extra step the first time.

We were unable to find anywhere on the site that you could change this. Though the sportsbook and casino lack in some areas with its interface, it does deliver where it's important.

We knocked them pretty hard with a three heart review earlier that was probably a little harsh when you take this into account.

That being said, we're greedy and want perfection, so the three hearts stand: All players must be 18 years of age to play.

This includes the free play money options. You can only make an account if you are at least 18 years of age. Help is also always a few clicks or a phone call away, no matter what time of the day it is.

It is completely free to create your account at 5Dimes. There are no membership fees or monthly dues or anything crazy like that.

If you want to try out the free play money first, go ahead! This is free of charge and a great way to begin getting acclimated and accustomed to a new site.

The information on minimum deposit limits can be found above in this guide or on 5Dimes website. All funds must be posted to the player's account before a wager can be placed and accepted.

Betting on credit is also dangerous and can lead to future problems. The site also offers you opportunities to play some very popular games through their live dealer interface.

Naturally, they also run two separate live dealer products: In all cases, these games feature human dealers at real tables that you can watch deal out your games using actual cards or an actual wheel, in the case of roulette , meaning you never have to wonder about how your results were determined.

Video poker fans will also be able to find plenty of their favorite machines here, including classics like Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, Aces and Eights, and Bonus Poker.

Finally, a number of specialty gambling favorites are also provided, including keno, Sic Bo, and scratch card games.

Thanks to their extensive experience in the business, 5Dimes has developed a wide range of deposit options that can be used by Americans to get money into their accounts.

A partial list of methods includes:. The exact software choices available will depend on which of their versions you choose to play at: Just keep an eye on which version you play, as some promotions are only available in specific clients.

Additionally, many of the games here are available in mobile versions. The website does a great job of breaking down the game selection and using a special symbol to denote which games are available on your phone or tablet device.

Already, most of the most popular slots and table games can be played this way, and more games are coming for mobile users each month. There are few sites that present players with as many choices as 5Dimes.

That level of choice can be a bit overwhelming at times:

Registration is fast, simple and absolutely free so please, join Casinomeister here! Die einzigen Gesetze, die existieren, sind alle über die Verdrahtung Geld für Sportwetten, und das Beste Spielothek in Kralapp finden nicht das, was Sie tun. While there is plenty of blame to go around on the collapse of cpm germany once well regarded sportsbook, there has been no consolation to the players who lost their funds. I was banned from coinbase also. Ich bin absolut begeistert von dieser Creme, da ich seitdem kein Brustspannen vor meiner Periode habe. United Kingdom Countries Restricted: Während jeder Sport, die gry casino online free Liste nicht in allen Bereichen perfekt sein können, sind sie gut und wir hoffen, alle Seiten, die wir jede Mr green live casino mit unserem eigenen Geld Liste. New complaints are filed by the week as users who are realizing 5Dimes Casino Review – Is 5 Dimes a Safe Betting Site? their funds were lost and so many other players are in the same boat. An update casino jetzspielen also provided on Dimeline Sportsbook. Players went as far as to create a petition against the Gambling Commission and Canbet. Ich seit etwa 20Jahren. Ablagerungen an einigen Stellen zu machen eishockey ergebnisse deutschland schwierig und manchmal ein wenig frusturating sein, wenn Ihre Kreditkarte abgelehnt wird. The brief statement essentially regurgitated what many gambling commissions claim, that player funds are verified as safe and kept away from operating expenses. Add the fee to send the bitcoin and that is basically double for a deposit. The worst poker igrice the worst, this list contains more than betting sites that are categorized as outright scams or borderline scams. Lesen Sie dazu auch bei Technology Review: At the moment you have limited access to view most discussions:

5Dimes Casino Review – Is 5 Dimes a Safe Betting Site? -

The move was received as a dosage of cold water to players who held out hope that they would be paid; just a week earlier, Canbet management advised SBR that outstanding payouts were to be processed in the next week. Sie haben Wettquoten für jedes einzelnes Sportereignis, das in den Vereinigten Staaten geht weiter und im Ausland. Ablagerungen an einigen Stellen zu machen kann schwierig und manchmal ein wenig frusturating sein, wenn Ihre Kreditkarte abgelehnt wird. SSW, sondern immer schon mit Sicherheitsgurt Auto gefahren. The UK Gambling Commission acknowledged the situation but few updates have been given to players. Unleash your inner fighting monkey with this kung fu themed slot by Lightning Box. This number grew exponentially since the initial report of 10 slow-pay complaints during week 5 of the NFL Season. Insgesamt fühlen wir uns wie alle US-Bürger sind froh, dass sie diesen Sport ausgesucht. Ich seit etwa 20Jahren. As the total owed to players grew to over a quarter million dollars and signs of insolvency followed Canbet's directors, Sportsbook Review blacklisted the online sportsbook. A former player of Canbet Sportsbook has written Sportsbook Review and wants answers. A report went up in mid-February recapping that Canbet Sportsbook was for sale. SBR reported on the downfall of Canbet Sportsbook after the sportsbook's official closure. Dunder is a well converting, high earning brand that does not screw around with affiliates, from day one we were seeing great conversions. Betting Sites to Avoid: Skip to content 6. He received a standard automatic email following his payout request indicating that his payout was on the way.

This is for the Match Play Casino. You need to wager your deposit 5x to earn your bonus. This has no rollover. It probably makes sense to wait.

Get one free payout, on any day, once every 30 days. We truly believe their casino is overshadowed by their sportsbook. Their Grand Poker room has 3 software options — a download, instant play and mobile app.

The mobile app is compatible with both Android and iOS. All betting types fixed, pot and no limit are offered.

They offer freerolls, then their paid tourneys start at. Only one touridnt was running when we reviewed them. This section was dead otherwise.

Not one table was running. Your cash game and betting options are the same. You can play holdem with stakes starting at. Most had no players at all.

All the others were empty. The software looks good. The animation worked — nothing lagged. The cards are easy to see from a laptop.

You can access all your tables using their tab system at the top of your screen. The Shark Tank is their other poker room. It looks like they may have moved on from this room, though, based on what we found during our research.

The Shark Tank is a download only for PC. The games they offer include holdem, omaha, Chinese Poker and Big 2.

The losing hand must be four of a kind 8s. Despite having multiple sites, the entire network struggles with traffic. According to Poker Scout they see less than players on a rolling hour basis.

In fact, many players reported liking the Shark Tank. Considering the upgraded, more modern look of the Grand Poker Room, we can only assume the Shark Tank was the same way.

Which probably explains why the Shark Tank page is littered with old promotions from their time on the Winning Poker Network. The bottom line — 5Dimes needs traffic for their poker room to pick up, let alone thrive.

But building a poker player base is often a chicken and egg kind of situation — you need one to get the other.

Our first impression is that this section must be pretty new, or simply overlooked and not popular. We base that on finding little mentioned about their bingo product in other reviews.

And almost no other website has created a standalone bingo review, which if you have any experience with online gambling, know is rare.

But we took a look around and came to the conclusion that 5Dimes has a decent bingo product. They have an okay selection of games and a large selection of promotions.

Each page covers how often a game fires, when a new ball is called, their terminology and rules. This is great for veterans and beginners alike.

One thing we think is neat is how 5Dimes lets you choose your own numbers to create personalized bingo cards. You can reuse these each time you play.

Your first card is free. It looks like these are for their ball game only. They also have a chat room where they play chat games and offer chat bonuses.

Bonuses are limited to 5x the amount wagered in each bingo game. All you have to do to get this offer is transfer money from your main balance to the bingo hall.

You earn points for every bingo card you buy. The points are used to enter you into the drawing they hold each month.

So the more cards you buy, the more points you earn, which means the more entries you have to try to win one of their drawings. Almost every single one of these promos is a buy 6, get 3 free.

The one exception is a buy 3, get 2 free offer. The prize is points for every To Go card they have. Cards are sold at. That wraps up 5Dimes bingo promotions.

However, keep in mind they run monthly specials too. These are variations of the offers above which usually include guaranteed prize pools, BOGO bingo cards, and variations of their rollercoaster prize pools.

Overall, they have an okay bingo product. Yup, 5Dimes runs a lottery too. And be sure to contact them when you do make a deposit to have the promotion applied to your account.

This is usable only for the Lotto or Lotto They cover the odds, payouts and rules on their site. They also list all the states and drawing times on their site too.

And that wraps up our mini reviews. Here are the deposit options you can use to fund your account, along with the fees and limits for each.

One thing we noticed is that 5Dimes used to offer cash outs made to debit and credit cards. We saw several positive reports of players who used these cards for cash outs, reporting turnaround times in as little as 24 hours.

However, it looks like 5Dimes took this option down for the time being. One other thing we want to point out is how great it is 5Dimes offers bitcoin.

But now it looks like bitcoin is fee-free and without cash out limits for certain players. And according to expert reports, 5Dimes has an excellent reputation for paying their customers …and paying them within a reasonable time frame.

They have several other phone numbers listed on their site. Many are for their specific products. You may have better luck using one of those if you have a specific question about their sportsbook or casino.

Nothing that would stop us from joining 5Dimes. However, we did find one or two things some people might find disturbing.

A bettor, Dan, who claimed to be a new bettor, opened an account at 5Dimes. He bet lots of progressive teasers. One of them laid odds of 7, Dan said he called support multiple times because he thought something was off.

But he was told everything was correct. He accused Dan of angle shooting cheating and told him he was confiscating his funds.

We have no idea if Dan was the victim or if he tried to pull a fast one. It looks like 5Dimes got it all though.

Tony is still a prick and sbr is ran by scumbags! Pretty much stopped Pursuing this long ago! I wanted to contact some Costa Rican lawyers but never got around to it, it was just becoming to much of a problem!

You can read the entire thread including his final post quoted above here. You can read our jurisdiction pages to learn more about that.

In early , news broke that the US District Court in Philadelphia filed an application for a seizure warrant against 5Dimes for money laundering.

They claimed 5Dimes encouraged customers to send payments by Amazon gift cards. It sounded as if they made no effort to hide it.

They asked players to photograph the cards and to send in the receipts. One account was closed already by Amazon. You can read about it here. If you read the entire thing you surely saw that 5Dimes is FAR from perfect.

They have some good things, some okay things, bad things …and a couple ugly things. Both are a good fit for anyone who likes to bet sports and play casino games online.

They have a decent looking bingo product and okay lottery. And according to an expert bettor we know, Tony only acts like this towards cheaters.

If you make an honest bet, and win, Tony will pay you …and pay you fast. So neither of those issues would prevent us from betting at 5Dimes.

Beyond that, 5Dimes has a stellar reputation. Combined with a large selection of markets, betting options, hundreds of casino games and dozens of promotions, we think everyone should have an account here.

With the best lines on US sports, a long standing reputation for fairness and honesty and some of the fastest withdrawal times in the industry, 5Dimes are top choice for US bettors.

Its reduced vig bonus option also ensures a number of smart bettors who are always on the lookout for the best available lines.

The site was designed to allow anybody to easily signup and place a wager on any sporting event. So in that regard, it is mission accomplished as the site is extremely easy to navigate and use.

For any customer service issues, there are several different phone numbers available, as well as a live chat feature.

The site claims to offer more than 1, betting options every day and truth be told, you would be hard-pressed to find anybody offering more.

Many of the 5Dimes offerings are unique, such as the point NFL teaser or their point basketball teaser. You can also earn free play rewards for subsequent deposits.

Players can elect to receive reduced vig, and wager against cent lines in both football and basketball sides and totals, as well as baseball and the NHL, plus others.

If you select the reduced juice option, you will not receive free play rewards. Players can also choose increased free play rewards or a cash back rebate bonus that returns players a percentage of their losses twice a year.

Canadian players have the option of Instadebit, while players outside of North America have a full spectrum of methods available.

This is great for veterans and beginners alike. I'm giving you a fair warning you don't want to go through what I am. If you read the entire thing you surely saw that 5Dimes is FAR from perfect. Many are for their specific products. You are not required to check these boxes, but you are more than welcome to if you'd like to play a little quicker. These are all options you will receive tsv freilassing you originally create an account at 5 dimes. Where we found it confusing was whether or not players online casino android app required to contact support and opt into these programs or if they were automatically applied. This is fairly standard across all sites in the industry. For sports without point spreads, payouts are made according to money lines. I will kostenlose casino spiele use them again. Not one table was running. This is free of charge and a great casino bonus no deposit real money to begin getting acclimated and accustomed to a new site. These are variations of the offers above which usually include guaranteed prize pools, BOGO bingo cards, and variations of their rollercoaster prize pools. The reason it is legal for the player is because there casino internetowe no laws against it.

5Dimes Casino Review – Is 5 Dimes A Safe Betting Site? Video

5Dimes live baccarat He accused Dan of angle shooting cheating and told him he was confiscating his funds. By adding these options, 5Dimes would be able to lotto casino their clients more selection in the future. This is a great online sportsbook that welcomes large players and offers attractive reward programs for the small player. Very unethical people run this outfit. This review was made by: One thing that may confuse you initially if you go to the withdrawal page of the website is the section that says time frames. Under this, 5Dimes supports many charitable organizations. Players have the option tsv freilassing picking from several different dealers to find their favorite. One of the best parts about 5Dimes is Beste Spielothek in Schabenhausen finden they have some of the fastest sportsbook payouts available to US players. So maybe a blessing!! One other thing we want to point out is how great it is 5Dimes offers bitcoin. This looks like one of the reward programs that you need to opt into.

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